Seek, explore, contemplate, create. Read the stories that shape The Luzerne experience.

Place: This Ceramics Village In Fujian

Get to know Dehua, a scenic little ceramics county in one of the most culturally diverse provinces in China.

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Craft: Making Luzerne’s Ceramics

Cutting-edge technology, with the finest materials and artisans, creates enduring ceramic dining tableware.

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Art: In Residence – Calvin Tay

The Luzerne’s first artist-in-residence talks about capturing beauty in the worn and mundane.

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Food & Wine: Owner’s Personal Picks – Underrated Wines

The Lek family shares two interesting underdogs from the wine world that are on their personal radar.

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Outdoors: The Nature-Human Connection

Our modern urban lives disconnect us from nature but we always find a way to return to it.

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Factory Meets Hotel

An unusual meeting of factory and hotel, The Luzerne offers an immersive living experience curated around the culture of ceramics.

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