In The Know

The Luzerne’s unique factory-hotel concept offers so much to see and do. Here are some things you can expect during your stay, all thoughtfully curated around the culture of ceramics.

Guests will enjoy residing among the ancient kilns and natural landscapes of Dehua – the World Ceramics Capital and the birthplace of ‘blanc de chine’ porcelain.

Spaces within The Luzerne are designed with intent to provide a comfortable and soul-enriching stay. Besides amenities for general wellness, there are also special environments that reconnect our guests with a renewed appreciation for everyday pleasures.

Something for the curious.
Something for the adventurous.
Something for the contemplative.

The Space

Our world-class museum will take you through the evolution of dining tableware and the artistic legacy of Luzerne’s ceramic wares.

The Teahouse

Old world meets new world. A truly creative dining destination, The Teahouse offers a wide selection of Singaporean cuisines, Southeast Asian flavors and Western dishes. Serving daily breakfast buffet and separate lunch, tea and dinner menus.

The Tea Table

Our tea table alcove at Level 1 Lobby connects our guests with conversations enjoyed over specialty tea from the Fujian region.

Guest Lounges

For casual meetings, guests are welcome to use the open lounge spaces along our guestroom corridors (levels 5 to 8 only). Unlike a typical hotel lounge, each of our guest lounges is designed to feel more like an intimate communal area.

Guests also have the option of turning an entire lounge into a private meeting and dining space when they book a minimum of 10 rooms on a single floor.