The Space

Our world-class gallery comprises an exhibition space, an artist’s workshop and an activity studio for guests. Explore the historic craft of ceramic making, the artistic legacy of Luzerne and some DIY ceramic hand-painting activities.

The Space is located on Level 2. 
Opens from 9am to 9pm daily.

The Studio

This bright and airy workshop designed and built for our artists-in-residence is situated right within our hotel compounds. Fully equipped with ceramic-making facilities, each resident artist spends a few months at a time in this space to focus on their craft.

We work with a different international artist every season. Depending on the artist currently residing, visiting hours and access may differ. Please reach out to us first if you’ll like to make a studio visit.

Activity Studio

The Activity Studio is open to guests so that they can partake in the finishing touches of ceramic making! Have a hand in painting and personalizing your very own mug or plate. Our studio assistant will fire up your creation and you can bring a personal piece of Luzerne home with you.

The Activity Studio is located within The Space